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Rumble at the Roseland logo

These FCFF (Full Contact Fighting Federation) events have been hosted at the Roseland Theater in downtown Portland, OR for over 100 shows! Dating back to 2002, "Rumble @ the Roseland" continues to showcase both amateur rising stars and professional MMA fighters inside the famous SLAMMER cage! An incredible and unique night of sporting entertainment action for all.

Submission Underground

Submission Underground (SUG) was established in the Summer of 2016 and hosted many events live at the Roseland Theater alongside the FCFF events. Most recently it is a thriving grappling promotion live on PPV. The premise stays the same always  with seeing who the "Best of the Best" is between professional MMA fighters and high level jiu jitsu purists playing by an EBI modified rule set in the cage.

Wrestling Underground

The newest show under the Caged Promotions banner is Wrestling Underground. (WUG) premiered in August of 2020, and also holds residency exclusively through UFC Fight Pass. WUG seeks out only the highest level of wrestlers pinning them against each other in the center of the same cage used for both the FCFF and SUG events. Freestyle and Greco-Roman modified rules applied.

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