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Matchmaker: Heather Standing


In 2016, Chael Sonnen decided he wanted to "Make Grappling Great Again" and he set out to do just that. Determined to see who the "Best of the Best" was when you put MMA's mega stars against high level jiu jitsu players and throw in a modified EBI rule set, Sonnen was well on his way to a unique platform...and one in a cage.

Five years and almost 30 events later, Submission Underground airs live monthly on regularly scheduled Sunday nights. The cage steps have seen the likes of UFC's Jon Jones, Miesha Tate, Urijah Faber and jiu jitsu powerhouses Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, Vinny Malgahaes and more. So who's the best? That remains to be seen as the trophy gets tossed around regularly with surprise finishes and submissions keeping the fans never sure of what they'll see. Sonnen himself commentates all the action podcast-style as he sits in his famous chair watching along with the fans, typically saying what those are yelling at their TV's and mobile devices. Submission Underground events continue to occur almost monthly stationed at what is being dubbed "SUG Island"...a non-disclosed location without audience members but holding some of the best in the game.

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