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Matchmaker: Kevin Keeney


The FCFF will celebrate its 22nd year of events at the Roseland Theater in January 2023 with over 100 fight nights held in downtown Portland, OR under the "Rumble at the Roseland" banner. From the early days of fighting to have MMA legally recognized in Oregon to having produced many amateur MMA champions, the FCFF/Rumble at the Roseland is Oregon's oldest and most respected fighting organization.

The FCFF focuses on providing a stage for all levels of MMA fighters starting at those making their debut, up to the professional ranks as well. Matchmaker Kevin Keeney and the FCFF team provide fighters and coaches with fair matchups, title opportunities, press conferences providing exposure before and after events, and continuously promoting the fighters through social media giving the ultimate experience and jump start to anyone seeking a long term career in the sport.



The FCFF's 25-foot steel cage dubbed the "Slammer" was originally built almost two decades ago and remains in use today. 

At the time in 2001, the only other cage that existed was the UFC octagon. Other promotions opted for a boxing style ring instead.


Without even a blueprint, the original builder Mike Madlem (known as our cage door guy for years until his retirement in 2019) designed the cage cutting, welding and leveling it from top to bottom in his neighbor's yard. 

Not only is the cage currently used for Rumble @ the Roseland fight nights, but it now also hosts the SUG and WUG events. 



8 NW 6th Ave.,

Portland, OR 97209

Paid parking lots and street parking available, MAX drop-off location close.

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