Meet The Team

Chael Sonnen

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This former Bellator and UFC fighter is most known as the "American Gangster" from West Linn, Oregon. In his earlier days he also competed in the FCFF cage.


Sonnen currently commentates for both MMA powerhouses on ESPN as well as hosts his own YouTube channel focusing on current topics in the MMA scene.

You will see him on UFC Fight Pass for our events commentating the action of both SUG and WUG. 

Kevin Keeney

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Known in the cage as "The Man in the Hat", Keeney is seen sporting his famous cowboy hat during the FCFF's events. 

Keeney matchmakes the FCFF events as well as most recently WUG. He is head coach for his company All-Phase and is regularly seen coaching at wrestling events during the season. 

Aside from the FCFF events, Keeney also announces for SUG and WUG events on UFC Fight Pass.

Heather Standing

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Referenced in the community as "Boss Lady", Standing is a Jill-of-all-trades assisting where needed for the three events under the Caged Promotions banner. 

Standing has been the SUG matchmaker since the promotion's start in 2016.


Further she handles the social media accounts and travel arrangements as well as working closely with the Oregon State Athletic Commission (OSAC) to get the MMA fighters licensed for the FCFF.



Caged Promotions, LLC is owned and operated by Chael Sonnen and Kevin Keeney, most prominently known as the Full Contact Fighting Federation (FCFF). This duo pioneered MMA in the early days for Oregon when it was originally illegal. The state did not recognize MMA as legal prior to 2004 and after multiple court battles won by Sonnen and Keeney. 


Established in the year 2001 the first promotion, Rumble at the Roseland, premiered at the Roseland Theater in early 2002 providing a stage for amateur mixed martial artists. Sonnen and Keeney would go on to begin another promotion in the summer of 2016, Submission Underground, which would put jiu jitsu and MMA mega stars across the cage for high level grappling matches. Most recently in the summer of 2020 they created a third promotion, Wrestling Underground, an event geared towards Olympic level wrestlers. 

All of these promotions continue to take place in the original cage built and maintained since 2001. Please click on each promotion tab to learn more. 




Claudia rarely misses a SUG or FCFF event, often seen cageside handling the timer for the action and passing the awards to the ring girls.

She has and continues to be a staple to the organization and Grandma to the Sonnen kids!





Tate has been with Caged Promotions from the early days, competing in the cage himself a decade ago. You will find him cageside at events or running around taking care of anything and everything needed to make the show run smoothly.

His most recent personal venture is as "Mr. Cheese" creator of The Cheese Chopper, the solution to cheese slicing and grating all around the world. 




Jake is one of the newest members to the team and has become invaluable! 

Scaling the multiple flights of stairs at the Roseland Theater several times an event, Jake makes sure that our athletes are in the cage on time and ready. 

He can also be seen running to grab food for the team too, Jake makes things happen!







Rob took over for cage crew last year when Mike, the original builder of the SLAMMER cage, retired in 2019. 

He sets it up, he tears it down, he makes sure its safe and sound. And he also opens and closes the door...if you've been in our cage recently, you've seen Rob!

SmithHammer Photography



Russell is the one who captures all the magic in our cage. Not only does he get great professional photos of our athletes, he gets the elated ones of the post fight winners, as well as the amazing action shots posted everywhere. 

And did we mention he gets them out fast? Russell is great!




Ryan is the guy who produces what you watch. He's the organizer for our PPV, the coordinator of scheduling, and so much more. 

He mics up Chael during events, feeds him info as needed and makes sure everything seen runs smoothly on our end.